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Submission for GitHub Game Off 2021.

Simple (buggy) game about driving vehicles with bug theme.

Source code available on GitHub.


By default, automatic transmission is selected. Head over to settings to disable it for more control.


WASD / arrow-keys - throttle, brakes and steering
C - clutch
Q/E - gear down/up
Space - handbrake
R - reset vehicle
F - change camera


Left stick - steering
Right stick up - clutch
Right trigger - throttle
Left trigger - brakes
Right stick down - handbrake
Left/right bumper - gear down/up
Triangle / Y button - reset vehicle
Square/ X button - change camera


Beetlecar - small and simple car, should be easy to handle, but is slower than other cars
Buggy - car with the best starting acceleration and lowest grip, good if you prefer drifting
Bugmobile - best top speed and overall acceleration, but has a wide turning radius and has trouble with uneven roads

NOTE: Buggy is probably the most refined of 3, you may find it the most enjoyable

Extra info

Last track (Testing Grounds) can be used to test out vehicles and try out some stunts as well. Scarab track is unfinished.


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bugged-racing-windows.zip 19 MB
Version 66
bugged-racing-linux.zip 20 MB
Version 66
bugged-racing.zip 33 MB
Version 63
bugged-racing-html-gameoff-2021.zip 7 MB
Version 1
bugged-racing-windows-gameoff-2021.zip 17 MB
Version 1
bugged-racing-linux-gameoff-2021.zip 18 MB
Version 1
bugged-racing.zip 31 MB
Version 1

Development log


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Has a certain charme to it :D I especially like thats its built with Godot :D

Thank you!

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Hi, just to let you know, I tried to play your game with my Mac but it says the file has errors and cannot be run (unfortunately I only have a mac), and it won't continue after I press Start on the web version

(1 edit)

Yeah, web version seems to have issues on some devices. Unfortunately, Mac version is not signed, so it is not that simple to start it. I believe that on Mac it needs to be removed from quarantine, I haven’t been doing that before and I don’t have a Mac on hand :( Thank you for your comment. I hope you manage to run it.

By the way, which version of MacOS are you running? I can confirm some people can run it on MacOS BigSur with Intel processor.

I have a M1 mac mini with Monterey. Hope it helps!

I have found a solution that has worked for some:

xattr -cr /path/to/game.app

This removes the game from quarantine. I guess this is required because of the missing signature. Thank you for trying to run the game with all of these issues :D

I am currently making a proper signed build, so hopefully you will not need to do any additional steps to start the game after download. Sorry about all this trouble.

I just want to let you know that signed MacOS build has been uploaded. Let me know if it works for you.

Wow thanks i will try your game in a bit and leave you a rating :)

Thank you so much